National Football Supporters Association.

NFSA is registered a non‐profit organisation aimed at addressing the needs of football fans as well as advancing the interests of its membership

NAFSA was established in 1992, amalgamated in 2011 and renamed in 2012. Its renaming was necessitated by a negotiated settlement of amalgamation between the South African Football Supporters Association (Gauteng & Free State) and the South African International Football Fans Association (SAIFFA).

The establishment of NAFSA emanated from the need to establish a united, organized, vibrant, non‐racial, non‐sexist, non‐religious and apolitical representative structure of football loyalists, which will solely represent the interests of football loyalists residing in and beyond the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

NAFSA is run by an executive committee and must have structures run by Provincial and branch co-ordinators

A survey will be conducted to determine the affordable membership/subscription fees

  • Identifying gaps in regions and provinces to ensure full and wide representation of all areas and active participants in the 52 SAFA regions.
  • Re-activating the website and social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.)
  • Conducting the Survey an mobilising support

Technology partnership with Intelliconnect

  • This partnership with a digital technology solutions company has paved a way for a development phase of the membership loyalty benefits programme for the NAFSA membership.
  • This partnership will assist NAFSA to generate revenue and mobilise football fans in a more sustainable manner.
  • Membership cards with loyalty benefits
  • To host annual awards and competitions for football fans
  • Training opportunities to empower football fans with entrepreneurial skills to participate meaningfully in business opportunities servicing the needs of football fans such as merchandise, transport, accommodation, food provision, ticketing. etc.