History and Background

NAFSA is the official representative and independent body of all football supporters whose aim is to mobilize football supporters across all strata of football while creating a conducive environment for football loyalists to contribute meaningfully in the transformation and development agenda of football.

NAFSA is registered as a non-profit organisation.

It is an all inclusive body which recognizes individual football fans, supporters clubs, national team supporters groups and fan initiatives.

The establishment of NAFSA emanated from the need to establish a united, organized, vibrant, non-racial, non-sexist, non-religious and apolitical representative structure of football loyalists, which will solely represent the interests of football loyalists residing in and beyond the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

Through NAFSA was established in 1992, amalgamated in 2011 and renamed in 2012, the organization has an illustrious history of supporter mobilization and rose to prominance in 2009 ahead of the historic 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Its renaming was necessitated by a negotiated settlement of amalgamation between the South African Football Supporters Association (Gauteng & Free State) and the South African International Football Fans Association (SAIFFA). NAFSA is run by an executive committee and has structures on the ground run by provincial and branch coordinators.

NAFSA held a consultative conference in Johannesburg in 2017 and its mandate to mobilise football fans around one common vision was renewed and strengthened.

From its inception to date, NAFSA’s main challenge has been the lack of a strategic partnership and funding – as a result of this, NAFSA has not been able to make a meaningful impact on supporter mobilization and the customer experience of football in South Africa.

The situation has now changed for the better as NAFSA has recently partnered with Intelliconnect on 6 November 2019 through a deal facilitated by Tshamano Trading company – the MoU partnership agreement is attached in Appendix 4. This partnership with a digital technology solutions company has paved a way for a development phase of the membership loyalty benefits programme for the NAFSA membership.

This partnership will assist NAFSA to generate revenue and mobilise football fans in a more sustainable manner.