Key Objectives of NAFSA

  • To mobilize all South Africans football fans behind all our national senior teams (Bafana-Bafana and Banyana-Banyana) and the following junior teams:

There are three men’s junior teams:

        • Amaglug-glug (under 23)
        • Amajita (under 20)
        • Amajimbos (under 17)
        • Flying Birds (Under 15)
        • Tsetse-flies (Under 12)

And two women’s junior teams:

        • Under-23 Women
        • Basetsana (under 20)
        • Bantwana (under 17)
  • To works towards becoming an umbrella body for soccer clubs’ supporters’ structures in all divisions of football including Premier Soccer League, National First Division, Second Division, SAB Regional League, LFA Football Leagues, Youth Football Leagues, Varsity Football, Schools Football and Community Tournaments;
  • To create an enabling environment for a constructive social dialogue and dispute resolutions between supporters’ structures, club owners/administrators and all relevant role players;
  • To build strong NAFSA structures at national, provincial and local levels in order to administer and coordinate supporters’ programmes and activities;
  • To provide online news and latest developments in soccer as well as highlights of soccer games.
  • To host annual awards and competitions for football fans. This can also encourage the various soccer teams supporters club to compete against each other for good behaviour and passion for the game.
  • To educate supporters about appropriate stadium and lifestyle behaviours;
  • To mobilize adequate funding, resources and sponsorships for the financial viability and sustainability of NAFSA;
  • To build partnerships with key stakeholders in the public and private sector in order to realise corporate social investment for the upliftment of supporters and their communities;
  • To use the soft power football as a sport for instilling social cohesion, patriotism and nation-building.
  • To provide training opportunities to empower football fans with entrepreneurial skills to participate meaningfully in business opportunities servicing the needs of football fans such as merchandise, transport, accommodation, food provision, ticketing, etc; and
  • To works towards becoming a full SAFA Associate Member – the feedback application letter from NAFSA is attached in Appendix 5.
          • Although NAFSA is well known by SAFA and by all football fraternity structures, it was unable to work towards a full membership and recognition with SAFSA due to lack of resources and funding to mobilise at provincial structures.
          • The full SAFA membership requires NAFSA’s application to be endorsed by various SAFA provincial structures – this requires lobbying and mobilisation at grass root levels.
          • This situation will now be addressed as NAFSA will generate revenue to have funding and resources through the strategic partnership with Intelliconnect.
          • NAFSA will prioritise the effort to seek endorsement letters from various NAFSA provincial structures and then re-submit the application to NAFSA.